Visual Designer

In the realm of visual design and branding, my passion lies in creating captivating narratives that transcend words. Just as an artist wields colors, typography, and layout to craft stories through visual elements, I enhance brand identities through a harmonious fusion of logos, color palettes, and imagery.

Redesign logo & Online portal specializing in hardware tests:

Logo refreshment while retaining the CI, restructuring the website structure, and redesigning the website (order in progress).

Branding Café:

Concept creation, copywriting, graphics, photography, website implementation with content management system, and social media marketing.

Redesign of mentoring program: 

Redesign of a children and youth learning platform:  website design, structure and design of members-platform, newsletter, photos, various advertising materials like brochures, catalogue, registration form, presentations, etc.

Corporate identity:

Logo design, photography, design and creation of a website with WordPress, various advertising materials, image film & video editing, exhibition stand planning, etc.

Exhibition stand planning:

Aim: Compact design focused on on-site product testing with easy transport and assembly with a maximum of 2 people. The exhibition stand can be arranged flexibly and all products, advertising materials and the TV set are safely stowed away in the construction for easy handling.

Corporate Identity of distribution company:

Redesign of the logo, photo editing, copyrighting, illustration, colour choice for the company, creation of a style guide, structure and design of product catalogue.